ERLER productions

ERLER is run by Cecilie Lundsholt and Elisabet Topp. ERLER create and produce live performances nationally and internationally.

We have created work and toured in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic and across Norway.

We currently offer Into the Unknown and Hotel Loteria for international touring.

Our main objectives:

- we work from physical, visual and musical material without regarding language as the main form of communication.
- we create and engage in a radical but accessible theatrical performance that touches audiences’ imagination, minds and lives.
- we explore new ways of making theatre and work to be open to the structure of chaos.
- we work in comedy to find tragedy and the possibility of catharsis.
- we relate our work to a world bigger than our fringe-existence in the cold north.

Our projects often have an international aspect, we are actively looking for impulses abroad for our artistic work. We collaborate with artists from different countries and we travel to discover and experience new perspectives on the work and our own frame of mind. We understand theatre as an international language unrestricted by borders or language barriers.