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Women and Children First!

There is War and there is Peace,

Hate and Love

There are Winners and Losers,

Friends and Enemies,

Right and Wrong -

Crime and punishment,

The offender and the judge.

A performance based on the treatment of the 'women who failed' during Germany's occupation of Norway 1940-1945.

Performers: Johanna Mørck, Hanne-Marte Sørlie, Cecilie Lundsholt og Elke Laleman

Director: Elisabet Topp

Set Design and Costumes: Karoline Sundsrud

Music, Light and Sounddesign: Elke Laleman

Producer: Cecilie Lundsholt

Written by Elisabet Topp og Cecilie Lundsholt

A Co-Production with Scenekunst Østfold.