Into the Unknown

Devised by the company ERLER

Director: Cecilie Lundsholt

Performer: Elisabet Topp

Sound design: Ingvar Kristensen

An intimate horror performance for young people 13+.

Madame Solange (Elisabet Topp) is an experienced clair voyant, a psychic medium. She has travelled the world fro many years in her caravan to perform intimate seanses that guarantee spiritual encounters. She is now in your town. You will meet spirits from the other side and you can ask them questions, about yourself, about the world and about life’s mysteries. But a spiritual encounter is not without risk. Will you dare?

The performance last 25 mins with 5 audience member each. We usually play 15 shows per day.

The performance was made as part of the EU-project Platform Shift + looking at theatre for young people and new technology by the Norwegian theatre company Erler, working for Teatret Vårt in Molde, Norway. The perormance uses binaural sound as augmented reality transforming the simple caravan to a haunted caravan in few minutes.

Being part of the Platform Shift+ Into the Unknown has performed in Kaposvar in Hungary, Bertinoro, Italy, Ceske Budjevice, Czech Republic and in several festivals in Norway. It’s therefore already been performed in Norwegian and English and can also be performed in German and therefore suitable for national and international touring.

Everywhere we have been we have experienced that the teenage spectators want to se the show several times and come back with there friends to share the experience with them and see how they react. Many of them say that they have never experienced theatre like this, initimate and site-specific, and that really opens up their view of what theatre can be. Many say they thought theatre would be drama or comedy or ‘just long and boring’. Into the Unknown is a different experience and an opener to theatre as artform for young people.